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Machinery Services

We provide an extensive range of machinery services throughout the year to suit the demands of the seasons. 

  • Vineyard Rework & Renovation

  • Midrow Management

  • Sweeping

  • Mulching

  • Soil Amelioration/ Fertiliser Spreading and Banding

  • Bird Netting

  • Fruit and Machinery Cartage

  • Vineyard Establishment

  • Vineyard Removal

  • Fungicide Spraying

  • Herbicide Spraying (Summer & Winter)

  • Covered Watershoot Spraying

  • Barrel Pruning

  • Machine Harvest Operations

  • Handpicking Harvest Operations

  • Green Trimming 

  • Snail Baiting

  • Slashing / Flail mowing

  • Post Knocking

Vineyard Management

We understand the importance of vineyard management and can provide a program and expertise tailored to suit your needs in running a successful enterprise.

  • Complete Vineyard Management and Services

  • Budget Preparation

  • Annual Management Planning

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Financial Reporting

  • Implementation of Spray Programs

  • Vine Nutrition

  • Vine Management

  • Irrigation Scheduling and Operation

  • Irrigation Repair and Maintenance

  • Irrigation Automation

  • Labour Services

  • Frost Control

  • Trellis Repairs

  • Bird Control

Labour Services

Our labour services come with intensive daily supervision by experienced and dedicated staff. We have a large pool of labour personnel, experienced in all aspects of vine and general vineyard services.  All services are provided at very competitive prices, quoted job by job.

  • Cane Pruning

  • Spur Pruning

  • Foliage Wires (Lifting & Dropping)

  • Grafting

  • Vine Training


  • Desuckering

  • Shooting Thinning

  • Bunch Thinning

  • Planting

  • Hand Picking (Harvest)


Technical Support & Viticulture Consulting

We have a team of experienced and dedicated support staff who are able to provide comprehensive technical services and viticulture consulting.   Our services and support will enable you to run your enterprise confidently and efficiently.

  • Pest and Disease Monitoring with Detailed Reporting

  • Fungicide / Herbicide Spray Programs

  • Crop Estimates / Maturity Sampling & Analysis

  • Pruning Specifications

  • Bud-Dissections

  • Vine Management

  • Tissue & Soil Sampling, Analysis & Recommendations

  • Vine Nutrition Programs

  • Irrigation Scheduling

  • Soil Moisture Monitoring

  • Grape Marketing

  • Vineyard Establishment

  • Planning and Design

       Irrigation and Water Meters


  • Irrigation Automation Services

  • All Irrigation Maintenance and Operation

  • Water Meters (Meter Servicing, Validation & Installation)


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