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Vine Monitoring


Pest and Disease Monitoring with Detailed Reporting

  • Pest and Disease monitoring conducted to produce reactive plans to the observation of grape vine physiology to ensure optimal plant health.

  • Detailed reports are developed to provide feedback of the plants botany.

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

Fungicide / Herbicide Spray Programs

  • Fungicide spraying

  • Herbicide spraying

  • Tailored Programming

Crop Estimates / Maturity Sampling & Analysis

  • Pre and post flowering crop estimates.

  • Seed hardness weights with projected yield outcome[s] calculated.

  • Complete pre harvest grape laboratory analysis.

  • Yield estimation calculated by counting inflorscences on random vines to gauge an average bunch weight which is then extrapolated to a database to a projected yield outcome per hectare.


  • Bud collection

  • Bud dissection and analysis

  • Reporting

Pruning Specifications

  • Cane pruning or spur pruning services.

  • Cutting

  • Trimming

  • Wrapping/Arching and Tying

  • Wound dressing

Vineyard Establishment

  • Complete vineyard establishment from the ground up.

  • Vineyard land surveyor supplied on request.

  • Laser and GPS assisted bulldozer ripping for accurate row measurements. 

  • Labour services and machinery available for dripper, wire straining and post setup.

  • Quotes determined after on-site inspection with an agreed fixed price.*


Vineyard Reworking & Redevelopment

  • Vineyard Reworking and Redevelopment with MaxiCut

  • Wound dressing to prevent Eutypa

  • Rubbish disposal

  • Re-wiring

  • Cane Pruning

  • Training

Irrigation Scheduling

  • Irrigation programming

  • Irrigation automation

  • Remote operation

  • Block scheduling

Tissue & Soil Sampling, Analysis & Recommendations

Vine Nutrition Programs

  • Water intake

  • Nutrient uptake

  • Photosynthesis

  • Respiration

  • Transpiration (Absorb water, give off vapour in leaves)

  • Translocation (phloem transport system) [RC1] 

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Planning and Design


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